White Paper

Tungsten Clustering Product Guide: A Technical Overview

This product guide provides a technical overview of Tungsten Clustering including benefits and configuration examples.

Table of Contents

  • Tungsten Clustering
    • What Is It?
    • What Does It Do?
    • Who Uses It?
  • How Can Your Organization Benefit From Tungsten Clustering Software and Services?
    • Industry Best 24/7 MySQL Customer Service
    • Full MySQL Support, No Application Changes
    • Continuous MySQL Operations
    • Zero Downtime MySQL Maintenance
    • Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud MySQL
    • Geo-Scale MySQL
    • Most Advanced MySQL Replication
    • Cost Savings
  • Tungsten Clustering Core Components
    • Tungsten Proxy™ — Intelligent MySQL Proxy
    • Tungsten Manager™ — For Automatic MySQL Clustering Operations
    • Tungsten Replicator™ — Advanced MySQL Replication Services
    • Tungsten Dashboard™
  • Single Site Tungsten Clustering Solutions
    • Standalone MySQL HA Cluster
    • MySQL HA Cluster with Read Scaling
  • Geo-Distributed, Multi-Site Tungsten Clustering Solutions
    • Summary
    • MySQL Primary/DR Geo-Cluster
    • MySQL Master/Master Geo-Cluster
  • About Continuent

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