White Paper

QA for Mission-Critical Software: The Comprehensive Testing of Tungsten Clustering and Replicator

“Battle-tested” is the Continuent Tungsten QA (Quality Assurance) guarantee. Continuent Tungsten is a clustering and replication solution for MySQL and MariaDB used by some of the largest MySQL estates to achieve continuous MySQL operations, locally and globally (HA, DR and Geo Distribution). Besides the stellar support team and fully-integrated components, customers say: “Stability,” and, “Tungsten just works.”

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Introduction
    • Starting from the Bottom
    • The World of a Continuent QA Engineer
  • Part 2: Simulating Realistic Conditions
    • Always With a Clean Shield
    • Keep It Lightweight
    • Too Many Linux Distributions
    • A Little Big Playground
    • MySQL Versions
    • Environments Matrix
  • Part 3: Bug Hunting
    • Rubber Duck Method
    • Running Tests Under Load
    • Targeted Tungsten Components
    • So...How Many Tests?
  • Part 4: Testing Time and Test Suites Management
    • CI/CD Tools
    • Test Suites Management
    • Levels of Testing
    • Watching Performance
  • Conclusion

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