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MySQL HA/DR/Geo-Scale - High Noon #2: Galera Cluster


Galera Cluster vs. Continuent Tungsten Clusters

Building a Geo-Scale, Multi-Region and Highly Available MySQL Cloud Back-End

This second installment of our High Noon series of on-demand webinars is focused on Galera Cluster (including MariaDB Cluster & Percona XtraDB Cluster). It looks at some of the key characteristics of Galera Cluster and how it fares as a MySQL HA / DR / Geo-Scale solution, especially when compared to Continuent Tungsten Clustering.

Watch this webinar to learn how to do better MySQL HA / DR / Geo-Scale.


  • Goals for the High Noon Webinar Series
  • High Noon Series: Tungsten Clustering vs Others
  • Galera Cluster (aka MariaDB Cluster & Percona XtraDB Cluster)
    • Key Characteristics
    • Certification-based Replication
    • Galera Multi-Site Requirements
    • Limitations Using Galera Cluster
  • How to do better MySQL HA / DR / Geo-Scale?
  • Galera Cluster vs Tungsten Clustering
  • About Continuent & Its Solutions


Matthew Lang
Director of Customer Success, Continuent

Matthew has over 25 years of experience in database administration, database programming, and system architecture, including the creation of a database replication product that is still in use today. He has designed highly available, scaleable systems that have allowed startups to quickly become enterprise organizations, utilizing a variety of technologies including open source projects, virtualization and cloud.

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