Watch the Webinar Replay: How to build a $10M SaaS business into a $6B Unicorn with MySQL and Continuent Tungsten

Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for this webinar hosted by Database Trends & Technologies (DBTA) and presented by Continuent CEO Eero Teerikorpi. The replay is now available to watch:

How to build a $10M SaaS business into a $6B Unicorn with MySQL and Continuent Tungsten

In this webinar, Eero walks us through the 10-year story of a marketing analytics SaaS, which grew with help from MySQL and Continuent from $10M to be a $6B behemoth: a real SaaS unicorn; and covers a number of related use cases also.

SaaS has emerged as the best way to deliver software, and SaaS solutions, at their best, flow like electricity and water: they are available when needed, for as long and as much as needed - with relatively little effort.

According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17% in 2020 with Software as a service (SaaS) to remain the largest market segment due to the scalability of subscription-based software.

From the users’ point of view, SaaS is extremely easy to deploy and to consume.

For the provider, however, offering great SaaS solutions is quite a different story.

Not only do you have to offer a great solution with great value, but this solution also needs to be available, scale and perform, and all that needs to be done cost-effectively.

SaaS customers expect continuous, 24/7/365 availability, even during maintenance cycles and software updates.

As their customer count grows, the SaaS provider needs to be able to scale its solution at will - easily, seamlessly and cost-effectively - and choose the operation environment (on-premises or various clouds) as they see fit.

MySQL is an excellent low-cost database to build SaaS applications and Continuent Tungsten augments MySQL capability for continuous, zero downtime operations.

In this webinar, we discuss what makes MySQL such a strong database solution to build SaaS applications, and why the combination with Tungsten Clustering is relied up by dozens of SaaS companies across the globe.

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Jean-Jérôme Schmidt
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Jean-Jérôme has been an avid open source (database) marketer for most of his career. Prior to joining Continuent, he was VP of Marketing at Severalnines, a leader in automation & management of open source databases, having come from MariaDB, where he headed up marketing as well. Previous roles include Director EMEA Marketing at Pentaho, Global Sales Ops Mgr at MySQL & Commercial Director at marketing agency Connection2. And all that from his home-base in Dublin.

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