Watch the Replay: Zero Downtime MySQL - Always Available, Guaranteed Lottery Game Access

Thanks for joining us this week for the final installment of our 2020 Tungsten MySQL Use Case Webinar series!

It seems like yesterday when we first announced the series a few months ago … and we’re now calling it a wrap with the replay of this week’s session:

Zero Downtime MySQL

Always Available, Guaranteed Lottery Game Access - Kentucky Lottery

You can now watch this webinar with Continuent CEO Eero Teerikorpi on demand to find out how Kentucky Lottery achieved continuous MySQL operations with high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery using a Composite Active/Passive Tungsten Clustering Topology.

Kentucky Lottery is a government-regulated lottery service that needs 24x7x365 operations as well as the ability to perform maintenance without any disruption to their public-facing lottery gaming website. As is common for lottery and betting organizations, Kentucky Lottery faced a number of challenges and needed to have a solid infrastructure in place in order to provide their services satisfactorily.

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Thanks, and do contact us if you need any help or have any questions!

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