Watch: How to Get Started With the Tungsten Cluster & Tungsten Replicator AMIs

Following the most recent releases of the Tungsten Cluster and Tungsten Replicator AMIs, our colleague Chris Parker, Customer Success Director - EMEA & APAC, recorded two getting started videos with some handy tips and tricks on how the AMIs work, how to avail of them … and how to get started with them!

Getting Started with Tungsten Cluster (AMI)

Industry-best MySQL HA, DR and geo-clustering

First up is a getting started guide of Tungsten Cluster (AMI), which offers all of the great features and benefits of our flagship product, Tungsten Cluster, with the added convenience of everything the AWS cloud has to offer. Tungsten Cluster (AMI) is a complete, fully-integrated, fully-tested MySQL HA, DR and geo-clustering solution for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB, & Percona Server applications.

Watch as Chris walks us through the ins and outs of Tungsten Cluster and the AMI, including a demonstration of how to use it.

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • Review and Understand Tungsten Cluster
  • Explore the Tungsten Cluster AMI
    • Manual Deploy and Configure
    • Cloud Formation Deployment
  • Demonstration: How To Use the AMI

A useful related resource is our recent blog on how to easily deploy MySQL HA clusters with AWS CloudFormation. This blog describes one of the two launch methods available for the Tungsten Cluster (AMI), which makes use of a CloudFormation template. If you’re not yet familiar with AWS CloudFormation, this provides a high-level introduction to it and how we make use of it at Continuent.

Getting Started With the Tungsten Replicator (AMI)

The High-Performance MySQL Replication Engine

Next up, is the getting started guide on how the Tungsten Replicator AMI works and how to get started with it.

Tungsten Replicator AMI is a high performance, real-time, transactionally consistent replicator, which extracts from and applies to: MySQL, including AWS RDS/Aurora, Google Cloud and Azure, multiple heterogeneous targets, AWS Redshift, HPE Vertica, Hadoop, Kafka and many more.

This session covers some of its main features, such as:

  • Simple Setup Wizard
  • Flexible, Advanced Filtering
  • How to avail of the AMI
  • How to get started
  • Demonstration

Note that the Tungsten Replicator (AMI) comes with a free 14-day trial!

For more information on the free trial and how to avail of it, please check out this related blog.

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We trust these walk-throughs and resources are helpful! Please do ask us any questions or share your feedback by commenting below or by contacting us.

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