Tungsten Replicator and Clustering 5.2.0 Released

Continuent are pleased to announce the release of Tungsten Replicator and Tungsten Clustering 5.2.0

This release is one of our most exciting new releases for a while, as it contains some significant new features and lays the groundwork for some additional new functionality in the upcoming 5.3.0 and 6.0 releases due later this year.

In particular, this release includes the following new features:

  • New replicator filtering environment to make filtering quicker and easier to use, and more flexible
    • New filter configuration standard for new filters
    • New filter to make replication out of a cluster easier
    • New filters for filtering events and data
  • New applier for sending Apache Kafka messages directly from an incoming data stream
  • New applier for adding incoming records directly to Elasticsearch for indexing
  • New applier for writing data into Apache Cassandra
  • New commands for the trepctl tool:
    • qs (quick status) command to show simplified output for the current replicator status
    • perf (performance) command to show detailed performance statistics in real-time for the replication process
    • Improvements to the status to show the time in a long-running transactions
  • Improvements to the thl command:
    • You can now determine the size of events within the THL to identify large transactions (rows or SQL)
    • Used in combination with trepctl you can identify long-running transactions more easily

The release also contains a number of fixes and other minor improvements.

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