Tungsten Dashboard for Clustering 1.0.1 Released

Continuent is pleased to announce that Tungsten Dashboard v1.0.1 is now available!

Our Dashboard v1.0.1-36 is a bug fix release that also contains a few improvements. Some of the highlights include:

  • Support for Composite Multimaster topology offered in Tungsten Clustering v6.x
  • Improvements to the menu system layout and clarity
    • Composite-level cluster commands have been relocated to a new menu to the right of the State field
    • Status indicator lights moved to the left of the State label
  • Composite clusters now display the actual composite state instead of the Ready/Warning/Error status indicators
  • Improvements to the locking system:
    • Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock are now both configurable via config.php
    • Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock setting are now both visible at the bottom of the cluster-level locking menu
    • Auto-Lock may be configured to attempt a lock for all actions, heartbeats only, or not at all
    • Auto-Unlock may be configured to attempt an unlock for all actions, heartbeats only, or not at all
  • Additional formatting tweaks, including the reduction in height of the rows

Download your copy today via https://www.continuent.com/downloads/

Full release notes are available at: https://docs.continuent.com/tungsten-dashboard-1.0/release-notes-1-0-1.html

About the Author

Eric M. Stone
COO and VP of Product Management

Eric is a veteran of fast-paced, large-scale enterprise environments with 35 years of Information Technology experience. With a focus on HA/DR, from building data centers and trading floors to world-wide deployments, Eric has architected, coded, deployed and administered systems for a wide variety of disparate customers, from Fortune 500 financial institutions to SMB’s.

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