Tungsten Clustering 6.0.3 and Tungsten Replicator 6.0.3 Released

Continuent is pleased to announce that Tungsten Clustering 6.0.3 and Tungsten Replicator 6.0.3 are now available!

Our 6.0.3 release fixes a number of bugs and introduces a few new features, with improvements across the board in a variety of different components.

Some of the highlights common to both products:

  • THL output now includes the name of the file in which a THL event is stored, making finding and identifying events easier
  • Fixes to tpm to improve the way it identifies startup scripts
  • Fixes to tpm diag to make providing information to support easier

Fixes specific to Tungsten Clustering:

  • tpm now provides backup guidance
  • Connector supports deterministic dataservice selection in composite clusters, allowing you prioritise and even exclude dataservices ensuring that your clients connect to the service you want them to in complex topologies
  • Improvements to tpm to ensure that updates of running clusters retains the cluster policy mode
  • Fixes to the manager within composite multimaster deployments

Fixes specific to Tungsten Replicator:

  • Support for extraction from Oracle RAC environments, including fault-tolerance
  • Support for TNS based connections to Oracle in addition to the traditional Oracle service and SID declaration
  • LOAD DATA INFILE statements within MySQL could fail to be processed properly when they crossed THL event boundaries
  • Timestamps on replicators where log-slave-updates had been enabled could cause data drift in down-stream replicators with mixed row or statement/row based replication

Full release notes are available:



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