Tungsten Clustering 6.0 Deep Dive ​and Upgrading

The substantial new changes in the way our multimaster deployments work with Tungsten Clustering warrant a deeper examination.

In our deep dive, we take a detailed look at the new deployment model, how the different components work together, and how you can now manage and support your new multimaster environment using Tungsten Clustering 6.0. We cover the new integration of the replication, how that affects your deployment, and how that alters the management and monitoring of your cluster.

In our advanced training, we discuss upgrading from Continuent Tungsten Clustering 5.x multi-site/multi-master to 6.0 multimaster. We will review the key differences between Tungsten Clustering v5 and v6, discuss new service names, and walk through an upgrade with a full end-to-end demo.

Last but not least... if you missed our v6 launch webinar, replay it here!

About the Author

Petri Virsunen
Former VP of Marketing

Petri brings 30 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, IT, software product development, and social media. Prior to Continuent, he was at VMware’s Cloud Provider Software business unit delivering innovative cloud solutions and programs enabling cloud providers to rapidly transform their businesses with ready-to-run cloud software and services that unleash the power of the unified hybrid cloud.

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