Real-time data loading from Oracle and MySQL into Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra provides a scalable and fast environment for data processing and capture. Because of the scalable and relatively flexible nature, it is being used for everything from product catalogues to data storage for logging and for IoT to log and analyze data. Moving your data into Cassandra from your traditional store? Tungsten Replicator can move the data in near real-time from your Oracle or MySQL store and then condense and combine that information together so that it can processed and analyzed in Cassandra.

About the Author

Petri Virsunen
Former VP of Marketing

Petri brings 30 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, IT, software product development, and social media. Prior to Continuent, he was at VMware’s Cloud Provider Software business unit delivering innovative cloud solutions and programs enabling cloud providers to rapidly transform their businesses with ready-to-run cloud software and services that unleash the power of the unified hybrid cloud.

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