Now Available: Tungsten v6.1.16 Release

We are pleased to announce that Tungsten Clustering and Tungsten Replicator GA versions 6.1.16 are now available for customers to download.

This release contains minor bug fixes, new commands, and improvements to the command-line tools. Here are a few highlights:

  • The new command tungsten_merge_logs eases troubleshooting – you may read more about this new command in the blog (CT-1667)
  • A replication issue relating to some JSON fields containing a single quote within the JSON text has been fixed (CT-1691)
  • The tpm update command now properly reloads load balancer method changes without Connector downtime (CT-1655)
  • The systemd boot scripts have been enhanced and corrected for active/active environments (CT-1663)

Feel free to view the full details about Tungsten v6.1.16 in the links below:

Tungsten Clustering is the only complete, fully-integrated, fully-tested MySQL HA, DR and geo-clustering solution running on-premises and in the cloud combined with industry-best and fastest, 24/7 support for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB, & Percona Server applications.

Tungsten allows enterprises running business-critical MySQL database applications to cost-effectively achieve continuous global operations with commercial-grade high availability (HA), geographically redundant disaster recovery (DR) and geographically distributed active/active.

If you are a customer, please reach out to Continuent Support via Zendesk or by emailing if you have any questions! If you’re not a Continuent customer and you’d like to learn more about Tungsten, please reach out to us!

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Continuent, the MySQL Availability Company, since 2004 has provided solutions for continuous operations enabling business-critical MySQL applications to run on a global scale with zero downtime. Continuent provides geo-distributed MySQL high availability on-premises, in hybrid-cloud, and in multi-cloud environments.

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Continuent’s database experts offer the industry's best 24/7 MySQL support services to ensure continuous client operations.

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