MySQL HA/DR/Geo-Scale Solutions: The Tungsten Cluster Competitive Comparison Program

We’ve recently introduced a competitive comparison program to help demonstrate why Tungsten Cluster is a better and more cost-effective overall MySQL HA/DR/Geo-Scale solution compared to other options in the market (whether they are other commercial solutions or in-house ones as well).

This blog provides a refresher outline of what’s involved with details of the program and Tungsten Cluster highlights as well.

Tungsten Cluster Competitive Comparison Program

  • Become a customer and get 6 months of our software, and industry best 24/7 support, free of charge (along with one of our subscriptions).
  • Existing Continuent customers are not eligible for this particular program (but please do contact us if you have any questions or if you want to expand your current Continuent footprint).
  • Runs through December 31st 2020.
  • Upgrade options available for the solutions listed below.

Solutions That Can Be Upgraded From

How Does It Work?

Submit our competitive upgrade webform, and we’ll contact you straight away to discuss your options.

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Tungsten Clustering: Solutions for Continuous MySQL Operations

The Tungsten Clustering product family is the only complete, fully-integrated, fully-tested MySQL HA, DR and geo-clustering solution running on-premises and in the cloud combined with industry-best, and fastest, 24/7 support for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB, & Percona Server applications.

Tungsten Clustering includes three distinct products:

  • Tungsten Cluster
  • Tungsten Cluster+ active/passive
  • Tungsten Cluster+ active/active

Who Chooses Tungsten Clustering?

Typical Tungsten Clustering customers are SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies looking for the MySQL database and Continuent to cost-effectively safeguard business-critical applications and billions of dollars in annual revenue.

The current average Continuent customer life-span is over 7 years and we’re proud to report a 97.5% customer renewal rate (including many multi-year subscription renewals).

Companies such as Adobe, Carfax, Marketo, Modernizing Medicine, Net-a-Porter, Riot Games, and Vonage, and many more trust our customer support and software in order to achieve continuous operations for their business-critical MySQL applications with zero downtime.

Follow this link for more information on why our customers choose us.

For More Information on Tungsten Cluster

We look forward to talking to you and hopefully welcoming you as a new Continuent customer!

About the Author

Continuent Team

Continuent, the MySQL Availability Company, since 2004 has provided solutions for continuous operations enabling business-critical MySQL applications to run on a global scale with zero downtime. Continuent provides geo-distributed MySQL high availability on-premises, in hybrid-cloud, and in multi-cloud environments.

Continuent customers are leading SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies who rely on MySQL and Continuent to cost-effectively safeguard billions of dollars in annual revenue.

Continuent’s database experts offer the industry's best 24/7 MySQL support services to ensure continuous client operations.

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