How the VMworld 2021 Multi-Cloud Conference Built Its Global, Virtual Event on MySQL?

Meeting Unprecedented Technological Demands

If you’re in Operations or an Architect in SaaS, eCommerce, Financial Services, Gaming, Healthcare or Telco, you’re in a wonderful position to be a pioneer right now. That’s because we’re living in a time of great and rapid change (read The 4th Industrial Revolution by World Economic Forum Founder, Klaus Schwab - and note, that was before the Pandemic!).

Modern application developers are at the frontier of innovation - building apps that perform better, faster, more reliably than ever before - while serving audiences that are often global. The recent VMworld 2021 conference (for which highlights are now available on-demand!) is a perfect example.

How to Create a Live Global, Virtual Event with Unpredictable Traffic

The worldwide renowned multi-cloud conference took place October 5-7, 2021 - and it was fully online.

The event had more than 600 sessions and 8 learning tracks, with hands-on labs and access to experts added in.

...a new DevOps Loop at VMworld segment will be held Oct. 4, described as a collaborative, one-day event for DevOps practitioners to share and discuss how DevOps is evolving in a world of modern apps and Kubernetes.

If you’re interested in 5 key takeaways from VMworld 2021 - take a look here.

This was a complex and demanding real-time live event, lasting 3 days - spread all over the world. VMworld boasted ~20,000 attendees for the in-person event in pre-pandemic days - the number of attendees for the virtual event is unknown but could well have been a lot more.

As we are all being pushed to the limit to meet unprecedented demands online, it’s an achievement of technologists. All I know is that part of VMware's plan involved Continuent’s Tungsten Cluster, the only proven, reliable way VMworld could ensure the event’s MySQL database would be available and performant across WAN. The team turned to Tungsten Cluster for peace of mind about database availability, performance, and scalability that could be accomplished while serving a global audience.

"Imagine That!" -VMworld 2021 Tagline

With Tungsten Clustering you can also achieve intelligent multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud clusters, using your favorite MySQL vendor and version - without any application changes. Simply install the lightweight Tungsten software on top of MySQL - and you're good to go with a variety of complex multi-site or multi-region clustering topologies and configurations.

Continuent’s Active/Active and Active/Passive topologies are designed for continuous MySQL operations over WAN. These popular Tungsten topologies are best-suited for modern applications - that serve WAN audiences with the highest level of availability and performance.

See you at the VMworld Multi-Cloud Conference in 2022!

VMworld 2022 will be held in-person next year in San Francisco at the end of August. I’m looking forward to it - especially since multi-cloud MySQL clusters are Continuent's bread and butter!

It’s great to see we are rising to the challenges of the Pandemic, and giving these figurative clouds a silver lining!

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