How To Gracefully Stop and Start Tungsten Clusters

The Graceful Admin

As system administrators, we are called upon to be responsible for a vast quantity of discrete subsystems, each with its own set of operating rules.

When starting and stopping any subsystem, it is the best practice to do so gracefully whenever possible to ensure data integrity.

A Tungsten Cluster is no exception!

In this blog post, we detail the best practices for stopping and starting a Tungsten Cluster on the command line. Please note, you may also perform these operations easily using Tungsten Dashboard GUI (included at no extra charge with your Tungsten subscription).

How To Shut Down A Cluster Gracefully

How To Start Up A Cluster Gracefully


In this blog post, we explained the best practices for stopping and starting a Tungsten Cluster. If you’d like to learn more about this or Tungsten Dashboard, please reach out. If you’re a Customer, reach out to Continuent Support via Zendesk; otherwise please submit a Contact Us form.

About the Author

Eric M. Stone
COO and VP of Product Management

Eric is a veteran of fast-paced, large-scale enterprise environments with 35 years of Information Technology experience. With a focus on HA/DR, from building data centers and trading floors to world-wide deployments, Eric has architected, coded, deployed and administered systems for a wide variety of disparate customers, from Fortune 500 financial institutions to SMB’s.

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