How Bluefin ensures 24/7/365 operation and application availability for PayConex and Decryptx with Tungsten Clustering

Join MC Brown, VP Products at Continuent, on August 8th for our new webinar on high availability and disaster recovery for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server with Tungsten Clustering. Learn how Bluefin Payment Systems provides 24/7/365 operation and application availability for their PayConex payment gateway and Decryptx decryption-as-a-service, essential for Point-Of-Sale solutions in retail, mobile, call centers and kiosks.

We’ll discuss why Bluefin uses Tungsten Clustering, and how Bluefin runs two co-located data centers with multimaster replication between each cluster in each data center, with full fail-over within the cluster and between clusters, handling 350 million records each month.

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Petri Virsunen
Former VP of Marketing

Petri brings 30 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, IT, software product development, and social media. Prior to Continuent, he was at VMware’s Cloud Provider Software business unit delivering innovative cloud solutions and programs enabling cloud providers to rapidly transform their businesses with ready-to-run cloud software and services that unleash the power of the unified hybrid cloud.

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