Continuent Announces Tungsten Dashboard for Tungsten Clustering

Continuent is pleased to announce a brand new product, Tungsten Dashboard, which provides web-based UI to our Tungsten Clustering product.

The UI provides full monitoring and control over your Tungsten Cluster environments, including:

  • Full monitoring information on the status and progress of replication and the status of the cluster
  • Monitor multiple clusters through a single page
  • Perform switches and failovers
  • Shun hosts
  • Recover failed hosts

The overall functionality is therefore equivalent to the command-line functionality offered by our existing cctrl tool.

Currently, Tungsten Dashboard is compatible with Tungsten Clustering 5.3.x; support for Tungsten Clustering 6.0 will be provided in a future release.

You can read the documentation for Tungsten Dashboard 1.0

If you are an existing customer and would like to use the new Tungsten Dashboard, please get in touch using the usual Support channels for assistance. You may download the Tungsten Dashboard via our standard Download portal at

New customers who would like to use the UI and the Tungsten Clustering product for their MySQL deployments, please contact us.

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